Laboratory Kandilarov is a private medical diagnostic laboratory with status of to-hospital care medical institution.

Laboratory has been established in 1999 year as a family firm with one laboratory center and eight staff employees.

For ten years Laboratory Kandilarov became one of the biggest and leading private medical diagnostic laboratories in Bulgaria.

From 1 July 2010 Laboratory Kandilarov is a partner of Laboratory LIMBACH, the biggest medical diagnostic laboratory in Germany and one of the leading laboratories in Europe.

In the end of 2011 we have two Head Laboratories in towns of Sofia and Varna and 13 lab centers in town of Sofia.

Laboratory Kandilarov has contracts for laboratory and microbiological analyses with more than 50 private medical centers, clinics and hospitals in Bulgaria.

Laboratory Kandilarov is preferable partner of a large part of leading pharmaceutical firms and companies for clinical trials. We do the laboratory tests of a large part of conducted in Bulgaria clinical trials in the fields of oncology, hematology, endocrinology, pulmology, cardiology, nephrology and etc. We maintain high quality in clinical trials while standing the requirements of Bulgarian and International standards.
Laboratory Kandilarov have contracts with National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) and many Private Health Insurance Funds – DZI, Zakrila, DOM-Zdrave.

We perform more than 2000 qualitative and quantitative laboratory tests (analyses) in different medical fields:
hematology and immunohematology

  • coagulation
  • biochemistry
  • immunology
  • hormonal analysis
  • tumor markers
  • virology
  • microbiology
  • parasitology
  • urine analysis
  • drug monitoring
  • DNA – tests
  • high specialized tests

Laboratory Kandilarov first introduced the practice of “one day results” in Bulgaria.

For our patient’s convenience we offer different ways for result checking and receiving:

  • in the laboratory center
  • by fax
  • by e-mail
  • by post
  • on-line check up

Our aims

To be the Laboratory with highest quality in Bulgaria!

To be the leader between the best laboratories in Bulgaria!

To be the referent Laboratory in Bulgaria!

To contribute for the progress of science in Bulgaria!

Our priorities

Our priorities can be presented clearly – maintaining staff of professionals, high-quality equipment, correct and precise results.

More than 50 highly skilled professionals – medical doctors with different specialties, biologists, chemists, engineers, laboratory assistants and etc. – work in Laboratory Kandilarov.

Every year Laboratory Kandilarov invest financial resources for keeping the available and buying new modern, high quality equipment.

Correct and precise results are guaranteed by the introduced internal and external quality control.


Laboratory Kandilarov is the first ISO accredited laboratory in Bulgaria. Our first accreditation is from 2003 year and its renewing is in 2008 year (9001:2008).

All laboratory tests/analyses are checked by our staff accordingly standardized operative procedures /SOPs/. Precise test results are guaranteed by the introduced internal standards.

Every year Quality Control is guaranteed by URS/UKAS.